Satisfied Customers

"This company is the real deal. Genuinely interested in making sure you are satisfied. From a car detailing standpoint, the car (a 15 year-old Lexus SUV that two toddlers ride around in) looked brand new. Buffed out the paint scuffs, polished the fogged headlamps, and made the wheels (brake dust-stained) look new again. Convenient location, easy payment methods, locked access at night, and an attention to detail not normally seen these days. I rarely review services, but this company is superb. A bargain at twice the price."
Daniel Nye
"Dennis is as honest and trustworthy as it gets as he updated me at every point before and during the process. I could not have been happier or felt more confident working with Dennis. I did not regret the decision and felt happy with the service rather than feeling like I made a wrong decision. I had 3 vehicles worked on and hope to have more done there. I strongly recommend him and Ceramic Pro process to anyone."
Jay Ombach
"The job was done quickly and perfectly. This was my first time using this company and I would use them again. Extra attention was required to several specific problem areas we discussed (scrapes, swirls and surface rust spots) and all problems were taken care of."
Nick Wray
"I called Dennis and he was extremely pleasant. I appreciated his honesty when he said he had never detailed a dirt bike before but said he would do a “great” job on it. I like to choose where I take my business based on my interpersonal interactions and the general impression and feeling I get from individuals. Dennis seemed very knowledgeable and genuine. As far as the detailing job…He did an amazing job. My bike looks so good. He was able to detail areas that are so challenging to get to. He polished everything beautifully. My chain looks brand new. The plastics I had very low expectations for looking any better and they turned out great. Dennis stated he tried several different polishes to get it looking his best and he was disappointed they didn’t look better but I thought they were great. This demonstrates his commitment to quality and not just getting the job done but doing it right. Dennis was very informative on other products that might be beneficial, ceramic pro, that I will be using on my new motorcycle soon. His shop was immaculate, he was efficient and very reasonably priced. His personal vehicle was in the shop and was a work of art. I will be bringing in my other vehicles to him on a regular basis and will recommend him highly to all my friends. You will not be disappointed in the quality of work Dennis provides. He is light years better than any other detail job I’ve had before. Thanks Dennis."
Jonathan Kinzinger
"Dennis was able to remove the spots and buff out the damage. It honestly looks like a new car!"
Jerry Christensen
"I had the pleasure of working with Dennis to get our 2015 Nautique G25 ceramic coated. Working with Dennis was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had. He is honest and very professional. He communicated with me regularly and invited me to the shop to view the progress on the boat on multiple occasions. His attention to detail was much appreciated and it shows in his work. He far exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond what was promised. The boat looks amazing! He coated the trailer, wheels, boat, tower and the whole interior. there was not a spot he didn’t touch. It looks better than the day it was new and I cannot wait for the warm weather to show off how amazing it looks and how easy it will be to clean. If you are looking to get your car, truck, suv, boat, or anything else detailed or ceramic coated I would highly recommend going and seeing Dennis. He will take very good care of you and make whatever you take to him look better than new!"
Jacob Wouden
"Dennis did a fantastic job with our vehicle. Spotless inside and out. We had some paint over-spray on the exterior we didn’t know how to manage. The paint was difficult to remove but they got the job done and left the car with an amazing finish! We’ll take all of our vehicles to Dennis."
Frank Dolce
"I just have to comment here. You have been so pleasant, so helpful and so knowledgeable. I sometimes just pick a place when I don’t know who to go to for things, and sometimes forget to read reviews, which I definitely think are helpful. After contacting you today, I decided maybe I better check your reviews if I’m going to consider bringing my vehicles in to you. WOW!!! I’m very impressed at how impressed everyone has been with you! The exact same things I’m picking up on just through an online conversation. Kudos to you! I love someone honest, hard working, helpful and willing to please with fair prices!"
Janet Greenwell
"Dennis explained the various processes available and exactly how the detail would be accomplished. Before the detail, swirl marks in the black paint finish were visible across the entire surface of the car from the multitude of car washes as well as some more apparent minor scratches to the clear coat finish. Upon completion of the detail, the finish was literally better than new and the gloss finish was as smooth as glass with the swirling erradicated. In addition, the other minor scratches were imperceivable unless you knew where to look and were looking at the perfect angle. Very impressed!”
Randy Westphal
"I had some water damage occur on a vehicle that was not mine. The owner of the vehicle wanted to have the entire van repainted for several thousand dollars. I got a hold of Dennis, at Dirt Disruptor, to see if it was possible for him to remove the damage. Not only did he get the vehicle clean, but also it looked better that what was expected. Dennis was very accommodating and went above and beyond the scope of work that was needed and quoted. He comes highly recommended, and I will definitely be using him again for all my detailing needs."
Dan Schwartz
"You can’t go wrong w/the team at Dirt Disruptor. Dennis responded within minutes, scheduled the detail the same day, and my SUV looked better than the day I drove it off the showroom floor. Save yourself time and the hassle of wondering if the money you’re spending to revive your car will be worth it – just call D.D.D.!

btw, if you want to see some really unique Overland style trailers to organize and haul your gear, Dennis happens to be a dealer for (what appears to be) a very quality line of trailers designed and assembled locally by an engineer. Not sure what the website URL is, but they were branded “HIVE”.

Thanks, Dennis!"
Jules Lambries