Car & Auto Detailing

Restore that showroom shine

Salt Lake City car & auto detailing services to protect your investment

Standard CLean

  • Interior – $100
  • Exterior – $100
  • Combined – $200
Car detailing series : Cleaning car interior

Deluxe Interior Detail


  • Hand clean all dash surfaces and instrumentation
  • Clean and treat all door panels
  • Remove all dust from vents and crevasses
  • Clean and protect all leather seats
  • Steam-clean all floor mats
  • Vacuum all floor carpeting / steam-clean if needed
  • Clean all windows with Magic Eraser to remove film & haze
  • Clean console box, glove box and drink holders 

Deluxe Exterior Detail


  • Painted Surfaces
    • Apply foam cleanser to the paint
    • Clay-bar (perform paint-correction to remove swirl marks as needed = $60/hr additional)
    • Dry and apply moisturizer to the paint
    • (Apply Ceramic Pro “Sport” product to the paint = $150 if desired)
  • Wheels & Calipers: Clean & shine (“Wheels Off” cleaning = $400 if desired)
  • Tires: Clean and dress
  • Wheel Wells: Clean and dress
  • Trunk: Vacuum & steam-clean if needed
  • Door Jams & Sills: Thoroughly clean, shine & remove scuff marks
  • Rubber & Weather-stripping: Clean & apply U.V. protection
  • Plastic Trim: Clean & apply U.V. Protection (apply Ceramic Pro “Plastic” product = $150 if desired)
  • Windows: Remove all contaminates and clean (apply Ceramic Pro “Rain” product = $50 if desired)

Engine & Bay


  • Seal off all exposed electrical connectors and Mass Air Sensor
  • Apply engine cleaner to all surfaces
  • Soft pressure-wash entire bay and engine
  • Dry all surfaces
  • Apply silicone dressing
  • Treat all weather-stripping with U.V. protection



  • Your car professionally lighted and photographed from multiple angles and views against a plain canvas backdrop.
  • Digital photos released to you on a thumb-drive with no copyrights attached for the following uses:
    • Printing and framing
    • Placement in advertisements
    • Computer backgrounds

Pick-up / Drop-Off / Delivery AVAILABLE

Most services require between 2 and 5 working days in the shop (this provides a perfect time for you to go on a business trip out of town)

  • You drop your car off at my shop and I will pay for UBER to take you to the airport or other destination within 30 miles. When your car is complete, I will arrange for UBER to pick you up and bring you to my shop to pick up your optimized car.
  • Being fully insured, I will personally pick-up your car and drive it to my shop for detailing. When completed, I will return it to your home or office within 30 miles

Looking or a more high end service to protect your vehicle? Check out Ceramic Pro, the ultimate paint-hardening preservative with hydrophobic top layer properties. These coatings give your car that deep glossy look that you only see on special show cars.

For questions or appointments call: 801-450-1934

About us

I learned the importance of a thorough job, perfectly done, at my father’s strict hand. He hammered into me the value of hard work and perfectionism at an early age, and it has stuck with me through the years.

Our mission

Your specific needs and desires define my services. You tell me what is most important to you, whether it be super cleaning and disinfecting your interior, or putting a car-show-quality shine on your exterior, and I will do it.