Boat Detailing & Polishing

your boat shiny as the day you brought her home

True Salt Lake City boat detailing & polishing expertise lies in being able to properly bring back a glossy shine to oxidized gel coat. I have all of the rotary polishers and compounds necessary to make your boat  look as good as the day it was new. 

Service Options

  • $10 per ft (overall length of boat) general wipe-down & water spot removal
  • $30 per ft (overall length of boat) removing light oxidation with power buffing / polishing / sealing deck and hull above waterline. Heavy oxidation requires higher charges.
  • Wet sanding to remove heavy oxidation / scratches / imprints from graphics is $60/hour. Includes finish polishing / sealing
  • Bottoms are quoted on a per boat basis after evaluation
  • $60 per hour for general wipe down and scrubbing where necessary
  • $5 per foot, hand polished with sealant including cleaning wheels
  • $250  – includes 5 days in enclosed warehouse hanging on hoists
  • $40 per foot, deck and hull above water line plus gel-coat preparation as per Exterior prices above

For questions or appointments call: 801-450-1934

To go beyond detailing and polishing and protect your boat long term we also offer Ceramic Pro coatings for boats. This high end treatment will give your boat a truly deep glossy “Boat Show Shine” and seal the microscopic pores of the gel coat against future oxidation. 

About us

I learned the importance of a thorough job, perfectly done, at my father’s strict hand. He hammered into me the value of hard work and perfectionism at an early age, and it has stuck with me through the years.

Our mission

Your specific needs and desires define my services. You tell me what is most important to you, whether it be super cleaning and disinfecting your interior, or putting a car-show-quality shine on your exterior, and I will do it.